Winter Home Maintenance Tips from Winnipeg Realtor!

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Those in Winnipeg never know when the first snowfall will arrive, and houses require proper care and regular maintenance throughout the winter months. Winnipeg Realtors stress the importance of winter home maintenance, and the following tips will help in this regard:

Before Winter Hits

1. Unclog your gutters and remove debris to lower the risk of leaks and ice dams.

2. Clear your property of leaves to keep your grass healthy, and invest in a roof rake to help with this process. 

3. Inspect your windows and doorways for gaps and cracks and seal them to keep cold air and bugs out of your house.

4. Turn off exterior faucets and pack away hoses to prevent water line and pressure damage. 

5. Complete a roof inspection and schedule any necessary repairs. 

Indoor Maintenance Tasks

1. Get your fireplace cleaned or your gas fireplace checked. 

2. Clean your air ducts and boiler system, and always test your heating system before the cold weather arrives. 

3. Check your bathroom and kitchen for pipe leaks and scrutinize this aspect, as even a minor leak can cause major consequences. 

4. Consider installing a humidifier to help prevent dry skin and reduce allergies. It can also keep your houseplants healthy.

5. Place a thick mat with grit in your entryway and place shelving or storage to hang coats. Winter-proofing your entryway is crucial and will allow you to have a designated area for your winter items.

6. Reverse ceiling fans because heated air will be pushed back down when they rotate clockwise. 

7. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. 

8. Complete a walk-through of your home to check the installation and ventilation. 

Prevent Pipes from Freezing 

1. Insulate pipes, especially those near windows and doors and in unheated areas of your house. 

2. Remove the hose from the outside faucet. 

3. Keep the temperature at a minimum of 12.7 degrees Celsius when you’re gone. 

4. If a pipe freezes, turn on the frozen pipe's tap and leave it open while you treat it. Allow warm air to circulate safely to the afflicted region, and use any heat source with caution to prevent danger and damage. You should also check all the taps in your home if you've discovered one frozen pipe, and if only a drop comes out, it's highly likely there is another frozen pipe nearby. 

Preparing for Winter Storms

1. Get a portable generator and stock up on perishables. Make sure you have candles and matches, and ensure your first-aid kit and medication cabinet are well stocked. Residents in Winnipeg should expect a power outage, and having a storm kit handy is a must. 

2. Tidy your property by trimming trees, storing summer accessories and installing storm doors. 

3. Install a sump pump in your basement, seal your walls, and make sure your gutters, downspouts, and drains direct water away from your home's foundation. 

Homeowners have many responsibilities, and investing in winter maintenance tasks will help prevent structural damage and expensive plumbing bills. You will also enjoy lower energy bills and will not feel cold all winter long. 

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