Best Time to Buy a House in Winnipeg?

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If you’re interested in buying a house in Winnipeg, you’re likely wondering when to take this step, and one of the most common questions realtors receive is, "when is the best time to buy a house?”

Factors like housing prices, mortgage interest rates and economic outlook will affect your decision to buy a new home in Winnipeg. While these factors will influence everyone, some seasons tend to be busier with buyer activity than others, and the spring months are the most active for home buyers in Winnipeg. A realtor will have a very busy schedule during these months, and home sales and prices will increase due to heavy home buyer activity. During the summer months, new listings come on the market, and buyer activity will level off towards the late summer and early fall. Unsold homes will remain on the market, and fall is generally a prime time to purchase a house.

The Winnipeg real estate market generally follows a predictable path over the years. Buyer activity tends to pick up in the early spring and will run hot through the early summer. Fewer people will look for homes during winter as Winnipeg gets very cold, and potential buyers will wait until the weather gets warmer to make their move. Most buyers will only look at homes when it’s warm, and this is why you should take advantage of this season and consider buying a house at this time!

Late summer and fall are also great times of year to buy a home, and a Winnipeg realtor will tell you that September, October, November and even early December are the best times to buy a house. Home buyers will come across less competition from other buyers during the late summer and early fall, and you will have a great chance to complete a home purchase at the list price. This is when you will get the best deal possible, and it's the perfect time to contact a realtor to look at homes. 

Mid-spring to mid-summer is considered the least opportune time to buy a home, and this is when buyers will come out in crowds. Their goal is to buy a new home and take possession before the new school year, and if you can wait a little longer, late summer and fall are ideal.

Whether you want to buy a home or sell one, talking to an experienced realtor in Winnipeg will provide you with important information. Here at Century21 Bachman, I work hard and will do whatever it takes to find your dream home. I will discuss your criteria and the market value in your area before starting your search. I will show you homes for sale in Fort Garry, Crescentwood, Riverview, St. James, St. Boniface and the St. Vital areas. Furthermore, I have been serving the Winnipeg community for years. 

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