5 Ways Retirement Changes What You Need in a Winnipeg Home

buying home after Retirement in Winnipeg


Many homeowners choose to move when they reach retirement age because selling their homes can provide them with financial freedom, and they will be able to live comfortably in their later years. Downsizing is a great way to enter retirement because you’ll have less to worry about and will achieve a better quality of life.

Retirement will change what you need in a Winnipeg home, and working with the right realtor is necessary. A realtor in Winnipeg who focuses on the needs of older clients will help you find the right home, and their expertise will make sure you are both comfortable and happy with the process. 

Here are five ways retirement changes what you need in a home:

1. Consider retirement communities. 

These communities understand the needs of seniors and have included them in their designs. You will have options when looking at retirement communities as there are different categories, and your selection should be based on your interests. Some communities have pools, gyms, golf courses, art classes or a combination of amenities that will make an active lifestyle possible. They also schedule group activities to provide a sense of belonging and strong friendships among residents. Choosing a retirement community that offers assisted living is also an option you can consider. This will give you a sense of independence while meeting your needs in a caring environment. 

2. Try to be close to your loved ones. 

Life is busy and hectic, but when people retire, they will have more time and will feel a strong desire to be closer to their loved ones. When looking for homes, consider the distance from your children, grandchildren or other family and friends because being close by will allow you to see your loved ones more often.

3. Maintenance. 

A large home is very hard to maintain, and caring for a big property can become overwhelming both emotionally and physically. You do not want to spend your retirement cleaning and doing chores because this can be challenging and mentally draining. In order to enjoy your retirement, consider moving into a smaller home, as maintenance will be a lot easier. Accepting that you have too much house for your needs is not easy, but once you realize it, you will feel better about your life and living arrangements. 

4. Overhead. 

A smaller home will also result in less overhead in utilities and maintenance, and you will enjoy cost savings which can be significant. Additionally, if you are struggling financially, you can cash in on the equity in your current home for a better lifestyle in a smaller house where you will get to enjoy smaller mortgage payments. 

5. Health. 

For many seniors, aging in place is not an option. You must consider your health and make changes according to your daily living requirements. For example, it may be time to move if your home has stairs you can no longer climb. 

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